Tuesday, January 17, 2012


You know how food blogs and recipe books have a million great ways to eat healthy? Now look out your door - if, like me, you can't see a Whole Foods, Safeway, or Costco within a days' drive, you might think your recipe plan is doomed. Have no fear, I'd like to share some tips on eating healthy (and cheaply) in the boonies.

To be clear, I'm not a chef. Not even close. I'm pretty good at following directions, and can manage most recipes that come across my kitchen. I like to make new things, and try to regularly introduce new items to the kitchen table. I don't live in the most isolated part of the world, nor do I live within walking distance of a fancy organic food store, greek deli, or any specialty. If it's not in Safeway, I don't have a chance.

I'll tell you what I'm about though. This year, I made a silent resolution to do a few things: save money on food, plan my meals better, cook in season, and help others in need. I see a load of people living here, and in places more isolated, who rely extensively on pre-packaged, processed food with limited nutritional value. Every time I see it, I want to shake them up - don't you know? You can eat healthy things! It doesn't have to take a long time! You can do it with the stuff in your local grocery store! Argh! So that's why I started this blog. I hope to share recipes (not necessarily mine) and ideas for eating using the foods most available near you. Hope you enjoy it!

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